An Homage to Dahlias

September 6, 2014

20140906-072747.jpg The dahlia season is by no means over, but I woke up and just wanted to give a little shout-out to the blooms that are so perky, colorful and lively. They come in so many shapes, sizes and colors–I think it is all this variation that I am most attracted to, as they are so fun to play with when setting a table or dotting them around a room. Oh sweet dahlia, I do love you so.


20140906-073431.jpg Always a fan of them cut super short and just resting on the lip of a clear glass. You just really get to visually enjoy the petals that way.

20140906-073622.jpg And I love them dancing down the middle of a table for all the guests at the meal to enjoy.



20140906-074040.jpg I am often drawn to the crispness and simplicity of the white.




20140906-074331.jpg But then I just fall in love with all that glorious color. Ahhhhhhhhhh.


20140906-074603.jpg Thank you dahlia for all the beauty. You help make Summer pretty darn special.