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Holiday Windows on Halloween




20141031-042529.jpg My oh my how times have changed. When we opened up the Market shop going on 16 years ago, you would not really dream of putting Holiday goods out until after Thanksgiving. I remember working frantically the eve before Thanksgiving and even on the day to get things out so the Friday would be all Christmas-y and then Holiday shopping really began. Then as the years have passed it has begun earlier and earlier. Now waiting until November 1st seems like waiting too long. Certain customers start getting a tad grumpy that Holiday related goods are not available. Now, we start slowing weaving in things like ornaments and candy when they arrive in the middle of October. But the windows, I just feel I can’t do them until the end of the month. I know many big box retailers having trees out the first day of October. Some even earlier. Halloween has never been a big deal at my shops, so yesterday was the day to get them dressed in their Holiday finery. There really is no right or wrong with any of this really, I just thought a post about the windows today seemed fun. Plus I love that they are done and ready to ring in November 1st with a bang. A red window and a green window it would be. Lots of product weaved into them to grab the attention of folks as they strolled by on First Avenue. They are always such a blast to do, as there is so much new stuff that has arrived over the past 2 months that this is where I derive the ideas for each window. Plentiful simplicity was where my head was at. Let the season begin!







Thank You, In 5 Different Languages

20141030-040003.jpg Thank You, Grazie, Merci, Gracias, Danke–however you would like to say it, this boxed card set has you covered. What a perfect little group to have at the ready on your desk or in your drawer to be able to break into when you need to send off a little note of thanks. Or merci. Or gracias. You get the picture. Sending notes becomes so much easier, efficient & doable when you have a card at the ready. This stylish set with an international flair has you covered.



Finding Beauty at Every Turn

20141029-043643.jpg Standing in line waiting for a coffee, making breakfast in the morning, doing a little shopping on a Saturday–beauty is around us always. You all know I have said this so many times, and I am sure I will say it a bunch more, but we just need to be open to it and keep our eyes, hearts & minds open to seeing beauty. Marvel in the small things that make up our day.







Clementine Soup

20141028-065936.jpg Soup on these chilly, rainy days/evenings can be such a comforting thing. If the soup is nice and hearty, even better. Our friends’ 10 year old daughter Clementine, who is like a niece to us, came up with a hearty soup I was dying to try. Sunday supper was this crazy good soup using 5 ingredients cooked up in one pot.

Cook 1 lb. sweet Italian ground sausage. Remove from the pot. Sauté 2 leeks that you have cut up into small pieces in the pot. Add back in sausage. Add chicken stock (2 boxes) plus 1 lb. of bite sized white sweet potatoes. Bring all to a boil, then simmer for 20 to 30 minutes. Then add a bundle of chopped kale at the end. Done. Serve with crusty baguette. This will be now known in our house as Clementine soup.




Ted’s Tip No. 16

20141027-091454.jpg Carrot top greens can be called into action in a pinch if you are coming up dry in the flower department and want to add a little color to your table setting. The fluttery vibrant green of the greens makes an instant bouquet. Just crop them tight so they don’t flop over and you will have one earthy & stylish & oh so simple arrangement.



A Sunday Buddha Thought




Dorie Greenspan ‘Baking Chez Moi’ Book Signing at WK

20141025-075343.jpg We are thrilled to be hosting a book signing for the fabulous & creative & talented Dorie Greenspan and her new book Baking Chez Moi. The event is Tuesday the 4th of November from 5 to 7. The first 50 folks to sign up and buy a ticket in advance will get a personalized copy of the book by Dorie, plus a voucher for 25% off all your additional WK purchases for that evening–if so inclined to do a little shopping too. Sparkling wine, cider and other tasty treats will be served. Ticket price is $40 + tax. Please call the shop at 206.652.8350 to reserve your spot or e-mail me at Tickets will also be available at the door the eve of the event, minus the voucher, so buy early to capture this swell deal.

This is Dorie’s 11th book. Yes, you read that right, 11th! Called a “culinary guru” and for good reason, her new cook book centers on a collection of charming uncomplicated contemporary desserts, upending our ideas about French baking. A fab gift but also a keeper for your own library. Dorie is a Watson Kennedy customer and just one of the coolest, nicest folks. You will love meeting her.

What a fun evening it will be and what a fab way to kick off the Holiday shopping season!




As the Dahlia Season Comes to a Close

20141024-070052.jpg The last few days have been rainy, rainy, rainy. I did a quick walk through some of the Market stalls yesterday to get a last look at the dahlias. Oh what a run they had and what a glorious season they gave us. They are hanging on for one last bit–the orange variety seeming to stand out among the rest. How very fitting for the time of the year. This season ending last purchase just seemed fitting to have them all snuggled together, finding a happy home on the dining table. Ready to great guests for the Friday night pizza & martini eve ahead. Thank you sweet dahlias for all the wonderful memories these months. Until next year…



Fruit & Produce Bounty

20141023-043417.jpg I just can’t help myself sometimes. There is just something about the beauty of walking around a farmers market, I just have to click a few photos. Food can be so gorgeous. Plus I love being surrounded by the folks who actually grow the said food. They are artists and their medium is soil. So invigorating and highly visual these markets can be. We hosted a 50th birthday dinner at Hawthorne last Saturday for my best friend from college, Devin. A big kale salad was part of the menu so we made a trip into Hudson to walk the market there. Plus I told you lots of apple images were in the works…





Happy late October Thursday all!



My Favorite Things Today

Getting back from a trip, the first thing I do is walk around the shops and see what arrived when we were away. My oh my, some goodies certainly were unpacked and made their way out onto the shop floors. This is such an abundant, crazy busy, but crazy fun time of year to be a retailer. Here is what caught my eye yesterday afternoon as I snapped away images.