Old Parcel Petite Sirah

October 15, 2014

20141015-071031.jpg Yes, this font and label completely caught my eye. How could it not? I had 5 quick minutes to find a new wine while TPS & Bailey waiting outside the wine shop on Warren Street. My book signing had just concluded and the small but exceptional wine shop in Hudson was right next to where we had parked the car, so I wanted to find a new red to have with dinner. The cool, crisp air has me thinking deep reds at this time of year. This is when the above bottle jumped out at me.

It is a Petit Sirah, which to me has a very complex deep slightly dark flavor with a nod towards just the slightest note of fruity sweetness to it. Not to be confused with Syrah. After a little Google searching, I found this out. ‘Petite Sirah, a synonym for Durif, a cross of Syrah with Peloursin dating from 1880.’

On a plain above the Sacramento Delta lies the wine region of Lodi. Soils erode from the Sierra Mountains resulting in a multitude of terroir alternatives. Moderating breezes blow in from nearby San Francisco Bay. I have always liked wines from the Lodi region so this also caught my eye. It did not disappoint in the least. At under $20 a bottle, this is a great wine with meat. Ted grilled burgers and it was just outstanding with them. Perfect for a crisp Autumn eve meal, but also lovely to sip while reading a book.