Pink Flowering Currant

March 26, 2015

20150326-051308.jpg We arrived out to the island mid-day on Sunday to rain. But shortly after we settled in, the sun came out and the light was just so delightful. The greens on the hillside changing tone as the filtered light danced about. That is when I fell in love with our flowering currant. Funny how you see things in a different light, pun sort of intended, and you just see it differently. I had certainly seen it every time we walked down to the house. But that day I took serious notice–what a delicate, delicious little flower. Often times we see the whole picture, but not all the detail. It was yet again another reminder to slow the heck down and look. And savor. Minutes later the sun went away and the drizzly rain returned. But not before I had my moment with the beauty that is the flowering currant.