Fresh Peas & Mint with Ricotta Crostini

June 1, 2015

20150601-090449.jpg The sugar snap peas just looked so fresh at the Market on Saturday, you could just tell how much love & care the woman selling the peas had put into growing them. They would be the start of something to have with rosé when our guests arrived on Sunday. Our herb pot is just going crazy with mint, so that would be the herb. Now we are rolling. Here is such a simple, simple app to try when you can get your hands on fresh peas.

Blanch the naked peas in a pot of boiling water for a minute. Then take them out and put in a bowl with ice and water to shock them to stop the cooking process. Then take them out of the cold bath and put in a colander to get them nice and dry. This really is a one bowl treat. Add the peas, chop a few leaves of mint quite finely, add a small splash of extra virgin olive oil, a big dollop of ricotta cheese along with a pinch of salt and pepper. With a fork, mash all together, being sure to not mash all the peas as you are mixing it together. I like about half of the peas pretty whole, so you really see them when you are eating them. Plus I like the variety of consistency of the peas. Once all mixed, set aside. Then slice up a baguette, put pieces on a baking sheet, brush on a bit of EVOO on each piece and bake in a 350 degree oven until just slightly browned. Take those out, put a spoonful of the pea mixture onto each piece. Voila, done! Serve. Enjoy.