Hawthorne Snapshots & News

June 3, 2015

20150603-061603.jpg It is always so fun to look back at the images I snapped of the house and the time we spent there on our last trip. We have been back not quite a week but the spell of Hawthorne and the Hudson Valley is still with us. Actually, a little part of it always stays with us. It is such a relaxing haven–we relish the time we get to spend there. Here are a few snapshots of our latest visit.










Yes, we do love our ‘H’ in many forms!

Along the way of our Hawthorne journey people have asked if we would rent when not there. This had been our intention when we thought of building EastView on our property in Hillsdale. Then Hawthorne came into our lives and we just wanted to settle in and get the house fully equipped before we even thought about renting.

After this last visit we feel like the house is now ready and we are happy to say “yes” to renting! It is such a special place, we love the idea of others getting to enjoy the house and all the treats of the Hudson Valley.

Hawthorne is available for rental on a limited basis, starting this Summer and throughout the year, for our friends, their friends, and readers of my blog. We are not placing it on Home Away, AirBNB, or other listings. It is so important to us that folks that stay there ‘get it’ and treat our home with love & care. We are renting Hawthorne for a minimum of a week, or as long as a month.

If you are interested, please contact us directly at tedkennedywatson@watsonkennedy.com and one of us will contact you back–we can get the conversation rolling and see if it is a good fit.