My Favorite Things Today

June 17, 2015

A quick spin around the shop on a busy day produced some really fun new stuff that has shown up recently. Along with a few tried & true that always just make my heart sing. These are a few of my favorite things at the moment. Little delights that caught my eye.

20150617-052203.jpg I like this image on just about anything. A Scalamandre classic. Who knew paper napkins could be so chic.



20150617-052431.jpg A variety of peppy and preppy picture frames that I found at the New York show on this last trip in May.


20150617-052615.jpg Maps, boats, shells and overall beachy things always make me smile.

20150617-052728.jpg As does a good travel journal.

20150617-052830.jpg The Summer issue has arrived. Be a smarty pants with your beach reading. Equals out the People magazine next to it in your beach bag.

20150617-053124.jpg I mean seriously, these are so good they bring a tear to my eye. Just lovely. A dish towel but would be swell as an oversized napkin for alfresco dining.

20150617-053350.jpg Sweet, sweet, sweet little Denise Fielder gift tags to make any package special.

20150617-053502.jpg For a stylish quick roll of the dice.

20150617-053708.jpg Santa Maria Novella pot-pourri has become a Watson Kennedy staple.

20150617-053812.jpg I know I had this image posted last week, but I am still a bit weak in the knees over all the Livia Cetti flowers dotting the displays, I just had to add this to the list.

20150617-053950.jpg And lastly, QUIN Candy assorted bags of their delicious sweet edibles. Bumps up the flavor quotient for a candy dish. My grandmother Watson always had a candy dish on the coffee table when I was a little kid. This bag of treats makes me want to do the same.

Happy, happy Wednesday everyone! Hope all is swell & dandy in your part of the world.