Goldfinch Tavern at the Four Seasons

August 8, 2015

20150808-075120.jpg I find posting about eateries one of my biggest challenges because I am so focused on seeing friends and sharing a meal with them that I so often completely space snapping any photos. But I do love sharing a good dining experience. Lunch the other day was with an old college friend Jackie who is an attorney who has her office blocks from the Home store. We walked up to the Four Seasons to try out the new Ethan Stowell establishment, Goldfinch Tavern. While walking up I told Jackie that if the meal was really good I would like to write a post about it. Remember, I only write about food experiences we have enjoyed. She was actually the one that reminded me to snap a few photos. So, this post is thanks to Jackie. The meal was sublime. It is called a tavern, but I am not quite sure why. My guess is because it keeps the idea of the place more casual, so more folks will want to try it out. And try it out you should. The space is beautifully done, and the big glass windows looking out to the water, Ferris wheel and the ferry boats crossing is just quintessential Seattle. We started with fried oysters, which is one of his trademark dishes. They were perfect. Jackie had a crab salad with heirloom beets that she raved about. I had the crab cakes which I am still thinking about and we had lunch on Thursday. Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all in between, it is a winning combo–stellar food & lovely, lovely setting.