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Being is an extremely broad concept encompassing objective and subjective features of reality and existence.

Main Entry: being
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: existence
Synonyms: actuality, animation, journey, life, living, presence, reality, subsistence, vitality, world

How ever you define it.
Take a moment, heck, take many of them, each day, to just BE.



NEST Fragrances Now at WK

20150929-064305.jpg A big shipment arrived the other day of NEST Fragrances from New York. So happy to have this beautiful lines of candles, diffusers, and bath products part of the Watson Kennedy family of goods. The scents are stellar, the packaging just sublime for instant gift giving. As we head into candle lighting/burning season (which makes me smile, as I think that is always) these will become a ‘buy one as a gift and buy one for yourself’ treat. NEST is known also for their exceptional Holiday candles. A big order of those will be showing up in October which I am so excited about. Candles create instant warmth to a room and a home. There is rarely a day goes by that we don’t have one or many lit. Here is a sampling of what arrived at the shops…








Shadows & Light

20150928-074108.jpg With that ‘Supermoon’ came super light throughout the day. The light in the late afternoon bouncing off the water through the trees creating all sorts of shadows and filtered light. Creating extra texture on the base of the tree trunk, bringing out a deeper red of the shed, and giving off shade after shade of green from the scented geranium leaves. The light this time of year can be something else. Take a moment to soak it all in when out on a walk, puttering in your yard, or out for a drive.




A Sunday Thought




Happy Saturdahlia

It has been quite a run for the dahlias, and even though the season is not quite over, I thought a little Saturday dahlia love was in order. A Saturdahlia if you will. Thank you London designer Ashley Hicks, who I am borrowing the phrase from. It seemed perfect for the day.















The Brilliance That is Spinasse

20150925-060633.jpg A plate of out of this world pasta is a reason to celebrate in my book. When those plates just keep coming and each dish is better than the next, my head starts spinning with delight. No, make that my stomach, not my head. This is the beauty of Spinasse.

20150925-061041.jpg I dined there last week with my friend we have known forever, Lissa, who loves her pasta as much as I do. You might be sitting in the Pike/Pine neighborhood, but you feel transported to Italy. To a little magical spot that just feels good–you see folks cooking, the space is divided into two which makes it cozy, and the staff is warm & welcoming. My favorite dining experiences tend to be when you feel like you are in someone’s home. They always hit the mark. Spinasse has quickly become a classic. Yum.




A Change of Season Marker + A Bailey Update

20150924-045019.jpg Just like clockwork, the huge chestnut trees across the street from The Gainsborough start dropping little signs of the change of season, as if on cue in a Nancy Meyer film. The above chestnut my first of Autumn. Something about the ritual of nature I find so comforting and hold so dear.

First off, let me start by saying how touched we have been by the outpouring of kind & informative words, thoughts and prayers for our beloved pooch, Bailey. She is resting comfortably all snuggled up right next to my leg as I type this. She had her Mast tumor removed on Tuesday. The surgeon called late yesterday saying we caught the cancerous growth super early so it was still in its lowest grade. The amount of information so many of you provided us with from your own experiences was invaluable to us as it helped guide us through all of this. We are forever grateful. Bailey sends a bark, and if you have ever been to one of the shops when she gets excited you know what I mean, as well as a loving lick or two, to you all, in thanks. We could not be more relieved and are excited for her to be on the mend.
Much, much love,



The Ideal Pour-Over Coffee Maker, Now at Watson Kennedy

20150923-020813.jpg I have been searching for the perfect ‘pour over’ coffee maker. One that marries function with stylish presentation so it looks cool on the dining table. Happy to say, I finally found it and we are now stocking them at Watson Kennedy. The pour-over method (where you pour hot water right over the ground coffee and it drips right into the server) has been my preferred way of making coffee for many years, but I have never really loved what the options have been. This is a great size, the silver filter is part of it, but the best part is the inlaid wood handle. This thing is spiffy. It actually looks like it was meant to be on the morning breakfast table. Where form and function meet and good stuff happens.




An Apple a Day

20150922-091114.jpg Autumn is almost here! It is a crisp, sunny day in Seattle. Sort of a perfect last day of the season really, as we usher in a change. Very similar to the day I snapped the above apples at the Hudson Farmers Market awhile back. A change of season is a new beginning. A fresh start. Time to begin a new book. Light a fresh candle. Try a new recipe. Call an old friend you have not spoken to in forever. Eat an apple a day. You get the idea. Have fun!



Libeco Belgian Linen Dish Towels

Stacks and stacks of lovely Libeco Belgian linen dish towels were placed about in displays the other day. The colors just so perfectly muted and dreamy. If you are drying dishes or your hands, doing so on something really beautiful elevates the ritual & experience. Plus they look stellar left out in the kitchen on a hook or rack. The colors and patterns so exceptional these would also make grand oversized napkins too.