Wine Wednesday on Thursday

September 3, 2015

20150903-045417.jpg It is always a special day when the FedEx guy shows up with a box that contains a few bottles of rosé. We were knee deep into Day 2 of re-display when he dropped off the lovely surprise gift. From a long-time WK customer and blog reader. Brooke, you made our day! Merci, merci. She sent her favorite rosé for us to try. Needless to say, that box was quickly opened and in the fridge those bottles went. After a long day of display that included our power being out when we first arrived, to a fire alarm check that lasted for 10+ minutes, to the air conditioning having challenges, all along we moved things and then moved them some more, a glass of rosé at 5:45 was such a gargantuan treat. And then the fabulous-ness of this wine took center stage.

Wow, this is some seriously good stuff. Domaine Saint Mitre Papillon quickly became a new favorite. Brooke, you know me well! The 2014 vintage won the Silver Medal at the 2015 Concours International de Lyon. After a little web searching last eve, tasting notes:
“Light salmon in color with a vibrant brilliance, this rosé calls out with notes of macerated strawberries, Mt. Rainer cherries, framboise and just a touch of creaminess in the core. On the palate, it’s intense for such a small package, with crushed strawberries, cherries, fleshy red plums, citrus and big acid on the tail end balancing out the richness in the core.” Strawberries, cherries, framboise and red plums. Oh my. Just a perfectly light & lightly fruity rosé that is the color I adore. Best part is all this gloriousness comes in at about 15 bucks a bottle, making this rosé potential party wine for a crowd, but special enough for a special occasion. A home run in my book.