SEATTLE City of Literature

October 6, 2015

20151006-062648.jpg Seattle is in the midst of another growth spurt. Having lived here for close to 30 years, I have seen plenty of growth in that time. Talk with certain folks and they have lots of opinions on the topic. They like the change, they don’t like the change. Some love it, some don’t. So it was interesting to sit by the fire in my favorite chair out on the island the other eve and start this book. A glimpse of our beloved Seattle from the perspective of the literary clan through their eyes. Story after entertaining story about then and about now. A great book for when you just want to read bits & pieces. Entertaining as all get out. The perfectly red cover making it a pretty great gift. I actually was going to type the word ‘Holiday’ but stopped myself. Just can’t. Toooo soon. Customers have mentioned seeing Christmas trees out already in displays at some major retailers. Wow. Amazing. I digress, this is just a cool book whatever time of year you give it or read it. Nice big stacks of them at both shops for your perusal.