A Year On, A Year Off

December 11, 2015

20151211-074551.jpg A year on, a year off, is referring to a Christmas tree. I am not sure when we started this tradition. It might have been when I had my showroom and it certainly was when we opened the shops. Being a retailer during the Holidays is a blast, but it also means many long days. So getting a tree is not always at the top of the task list. My post today is really for all of you who don’t ever get a tree, or for those of you who have secretly whispered to yourself, “Why do I do this every year?” The year on/year off idea keeps the task of it all fresh & fun. There are so many things that can be done to your home to make it holiday festive, without getting a tree. Here are a few of my favorites.
*Light tons of candles. Easy, easy and so pretty this time of year.
*Get tiny trees for your dining table. Or a topiary. Our friend Catherine gave us these little trees a few weeks ago and they are perfect.
*Have paperwhites or amaryllis set about.
*Fill a big platter with ornaments. We have a collection of vintage mercury glass balls that I put onto a big tarnished silver platter.
*Fill a jar with pinecones. Or set them on a platter or just scatter them about.
These are just a few ideas to add a festive touch to your home, tree or no tree. Bottom line, have fun with it, whatever you decide to do.