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Country Road Meandering

Yesterday felt more like a Spring day, so we hopped on the chance to be out & about vintage shopping and just meandering. The Jonas storm did not reach up this far, so there is not really a flake of snow in sight. There was a slight flurry the other day, which was gorgeous, but it did not stick. We headed first to Hudson for a little breakfast, then a quick run through some of our favorite shops on Warren Street. Then it was hitting the back roads to find vintage for the shops. The Winter sky so clear, the trees bare, the air crisp, made for a stunning day of meandering the hills and dales of the Hudson Valley. We head into the city today where I will walk/buy at the show for the next few days. I think my Bean boots might be needed as pretty sure snow is still in the picture. It is always such an interesting contrast between town and country, in many ways.








An Inspiring Saturday Thought





Waking up the house after being gone involves many rituals we find great comfort in–lighting candles, turning on all the lamps, spritzing room spray, unpacking new treasures, filling up the fridge with food, placing flowers here and there. The ritual of nesting. Home and the feeling of home I know is so important to all of us. These little tasks make that feeling grow fonder and deeper. Our home takes care of us in many ways, these rituals enhance all the good feelings home brings.









Vintage French Match Strikers at Watson Kennedy

20160128-104026.jpg Certain objects can be like little works of art. Vintage French match strikers are one such item. There is just something about them, they have a quality, a specialness that makes each one a little work of art. We have been selling them for many years, yet I am still completely smitten each time I pull one out of the case to show a customer. The size, the color, the varying fonts–each one incredibly unique.




Zuni Cafe

20160127-070121.jpg Wine & Dine Wednesday is about a place I most certainly would deem a classic in every sense, Zuni Cafe in San Francisco. I have written in the past of my love for this place where the memorable meals are indelibly marked in my memory. The taxi dropping me off last week and the moment I stepped out of the car, the unmistakable scent of firewood burning in their wood oven wafted over me like a warm embrace from an old friend. The service always impeccable and always incredibly friendly, which seems rarer & rarer these days. You feel like you are sitting in someone’s comfortable home. Comfort both in environment as well as food is where Zuni excels. Quite possibly one of the finest roast chickens on the planet, cooked to perfection to order, that has been imitated the globe over by other restaurants. A burger so perfectly done you could shed a tear. What is in season reigns supreme, so you are assured the vegetables are going to be sublime. A hearty bowl of polenta, which seems so basic and simple, is quite possibly the most perfect comfort food. Until the heaping, overflowing bowl of shoestring potatoes is delivered to your table. Fish so fresh and cooked with fresh herbs you will dream about it later, I promise. All housed in a setting on Market Street where the large glass windows allows a bit of San Francisco to pass you by. If you find yourself in the Bay Area, a Zuni lunch or dinner on the agenda will be a highlight of your trip.

Happy mid-week all! We arrived to Hawthorne last night. Look for Hudson Valley posts coming your way…



A Moment in Time

20160126-043557.jpg Snapped these orange parrot tulips yesterday while we were packing up to leave for New York. I think that is what draws me most to flowers, they make time stand still for a moment–you stop, look, contemplate, enjoy.




A Jaunty Envelope

20160125-083035.jpg I received an incredibly creative piece of correspondence awhile back, where the envelope was as stylish and well thought out as what was inside. I enjoyed it so much, I pinned it up at the shop on a wall where we keep such prized items & ephemera. It got me thinking about addressing envelopes. If we are going to take the thoughtful time to handwrite a note/card, add a flourish or doodle, if your penmanship is stellar, make the name and address larger than usual to fill up the front of the envelope. Use a cool inked pen if you have one handy, use a stamp that you think the recipient will like. It is a chance to get creative. It is also a chance to add one final jaunty flourish to make the person opening the envelope feel thought of, loved.



Hyacinth Happiness on a Rainy/Snowy Day

20160124-054233.jpg Yesterday was quite rainy & bleak in Seattle, we had news that our flight today to New York was cancelled, records amounts of snow fell in parts of the country, and yet, this solo bucket of hyacinth at the Market yesterday turned Wintery thoughts into Spring. Please don’t get me wrong, I love the season we are in, and I love the snow, and most days I even like the rain, but the sight of those glorious blooms made so darn happy for the flowery days ahead. Hyacinth happiness…




A Saturday Thought





20160122-085605.jpg I purposely left these out of the line-up yesterday, as I felt these Scourtins deserved a solo shout-out. Yes, the posts this week have been heavily food-centric, but who doesn’t love a tasty morsel? These actually arrived when I was in SF at the show. They come from one of our outstanding vendors, Lark Fine Foods. They were recently highlighted in The New York Times during the Holiday season, so I was excited to add them to our mix. Savory olive wafers with a touch of sweetness, made in the traditional French Provencal style. Served up with a cocktail for a savory treat, either just as they are or with cheese, such as a chèvre. Or treated like a cookie for an afternoon snack when you are feeling a bit peckish. The Lark packaging also makes these a swell little host/hostess gift too.

Happy Friday all! I think snow will be the topic to discuss this week-end. Stay cozy…