Ridge 2013 Geyserville

February 17, 2016

20160217-050531.jpg This Wine Wednesday post is about a truly sublime bottle, the 2013 Geyserville, from Ridge Vineyards. We have been Ridge fans for close to 20 years, first being exposed to the wine at a lovely 50th birthday party we attend in California of our dear friend Cara Wells at the winery way up in the hills of Cupertino. Her father was a fan of the wine since the winery began in the 60’s, with the producing of their Zinfandel which put them on the map. What an awesome site for a party! It was then that our love affair with Ridge began. We had a bottle of the Geyserville on Sunday evening with our Valentine supper. The 2013 is lovely now but with only get better over the next ten years. The moment this wine hits our palette, we are instantly taken back to that very first time we enjoyed it. As I said earlier, sublime.

From the makers site:
Ridge has made the Geyserville as a single-site Zinfandel every year since 1966. The grapes are grown in three adjoining vineyards on a defined stretch of gravelly soil. Winter rains ended in December, and a warm February prompted early bud-break. Light rains in April saved the day, and let the vines set a full crop. This was the most uniform and evenly ripe vintage in many years. Fermentations began quickly, and we pressed on day seven. In assemblage, thirty-five percent of the lots were held out—an especially rigorous selection. The wine has elegant structure, intense berry fruit, and firm acid.