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{Save the Date} Jeanne McKay Hartmann Trunk Show August 18th

Mark your calendar for Thursday evening the 18th of August at our Fine Home shop at First & Spring in downtown Seattle from 5 to 7:30, for a trunk show by artist extraordinaire Jeanne McKay Hartmann.  She will be live painting original summer-themed watercolors that eve.  We will also be having a rosé tasting so you can enjoy a glass while you shop.  It will be such a fun evening, I so hope you can join us.  



A Saturday, Fill in the Blank Quote 

singing loudly, even though I sing terribly, and making up funny voices.  Just ask any of our nieces…
How about you?



A Hawthorne Geranium

Flower Friday is a tad different today because it is not about a live flower or plant, but rather an exquisite paper plant.  I have written in the past of the artistry of New York artist, Livia Cetti.  Her work and the detail it entails is really quite something.  A new addition showed up at the house yesterday, finding a place of honor on the front table in the living room.  Live plants to have for the long haul here inside are not really in the cards, as watering them while we are away is an issue. This is where one of her paper flowers or plants comes into play.  We carry a variety of her work at the shops, so I am surrounded by the beauty daily when in Seattle. Fun to have her spirited work at Hawthorne where it has found a happy home amongst all the green.

A lovely, lovely Friday to you as we ease into the week-end…  Ted2+B



Before and After Wall

I was scrolling through some old photos and came across an image of the freshly painted chalkboard wall in the dining room at Hawthorne.  We add a bit to the house each stay, and for whatever reason, chalk always ends up getting left off the list.  Until now.  The sentiment from a song I downloaded before we left Seattle and have listened to countless times since we arrived.  It forever seems fitting, but even more so these past months.  



Château Haut Peyruguet Blanc

Sipping a super chilly white on a hot & muggy day rates pretty high in my book.  The heat has been all we had hoped for on this stay.  All the doors and windows open creating a breeze throughout the house.  Entertaining is always high on our list when we are here, with a mix of family and friends from near and far.  We served this very tasty Château Haut Peyruguet Blanc on our last visit when we hosted a big birthday bash.  I had it shipped from Peloton Imports in Napa that is owned by a WK customer in Seattle.  The quality of this wine for the price at 11 bucks a bottle is out of this world.  At a penny to ship more than 6 bottles, it is easy to stock up for a large gathering.  “Robe of light straw yellow. Intense, highly aromatic nose of white peaches, passion fruit, green limes and box-tree. The palate is marked by Sauvignon’s typical freshness. Well-balanced with lovely flavors of black currants and a dry clean fresh finish.”



Ted’s Tip No. 71

Wrapping paper can be as simple as Kraft paper & twine and still be ever so chic.



A Stack of the PARIS REVIEW

We arrived last eve to Hawthorne.  The drive up into the Hudson Valley as picturesque as always.  Was a balmy 100 degrees when we landed at Newark.  Just what we were looking for on this stay.  The heat & humidity reminding both of us of our childhood, and how much we liked the steamy-ness of this time of year.  I have so many wonderful memories of playing tennis in July and literally wringing out my shirt creating a huge puddle of water.  The house once again welcoming us with open arms.  This stack of Paris Review travelling along in our bags to supply many hours of reading enjoyment for this visit and many more.  We stock back issues at the shops–they create an instant collection.  I read a great interview on the plane with author Jay McInerney.  Each issue always packed with literary goodness.  We are up early for one of many journeys into Hudson.   Breakfast at our favorite spot on Warren Street our ritual to kick-off the welcome back.  Lovely, as always, to have you all along…



A Sunday Thought



Surprise Balls Are Back!

Happy to report that a big box of surprise balls arrived the other day.  We were without them for awhile and I really missed them.  These really are just joyous little things.  The lovely woman who made them for me had all sorts of cool stuff she added herself + I sent her a bunch of vintage ephemera from the shops, so they are filled with goodness.  Each includes a shiny new penny for good luck too.  Whether a party favor, place setting treat, or just a fun little gift, these surprise balls are equally sweet for any age.  We sell them as much to adults as we do kids.  Happy to create custom versions too, if you are ever in the market for truly one of a kind treats for a festive party or large gathering.
Happy Saturday everyone!



Marching Dahlias

The dahlias continue to delight.  The Market stalls overflowing with them.  I am often drawn to the white variety as they mix so well with blue for the table at WestWard.  This time they were cut quite short, leaving the head resting on the lip of the thin clear drinking glass.  Instead of staggering them, I lined them up in a straight line, almost like they were part of a marching band creating floral music down the middle of the table.  A simple bunch of 10 creating all sorts of flower happiness as they filled the table from end to end.