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A Pottery Barn Country Lunch at Hawthorne

I was again honored when the folks at Pottery Barn asked me to put together & shoot an Autumnal country lunch at Hawthorne. The piece was introduced this week-end.  Click here.

The weather was just extraordinary on our stay, and the day I shot this table was no exception. The leaves falling around me as I clicked away. A super simple butternut squash soup was part of the menu. It just felt right for the time of year. The PB pumpkin bowls just perfect. Kale was the centerpiece. Floating lilies in handled hurricanes were a hit as the wind blew so there were no worries the blooms would blow over. The extra long white picnic that was a gift from friends who had a grouping of them made for their wedding, has been such a joy at the back of the house. Bailey scurrying about as I snapped away. All the goods sent by Pottery Barn (which is every item on the table short of the wine–was such a treat for me to gather & create the setting from their website) worked to set a lovely, inviting Autumnal table.  Such a fun day, such a fun memory. Hope you enjoy…



A Crisp Autumn Thought



Flower Friday on Saturday

It has been such a busy, incredibly fun week getting the start of Holiday goods out at the shops that I sort of forgot, ok, I totally forgot, to post flowers yesterday.  I was in the Uber last night coming home and just started mentally laughing that I had spaced on what day it was…  These season ending dahlias just toooooo good not to share. Found them last Saturday on my Market stroll, still a bit hazy from our Friday eve flight from New York, but these picked me right up!  They just look like the season, right?  Sort of a Veuve-y vibe to them, I knew they had to come home with me for us to enjoy for the week.  



Cooking For Jeffrey

Just In, a nice big stack, which I am sure will be replenished many times, of Ina Garten’s newest book, Cooking For Jeffrey.  You know I am a huge fan of the Barefoot Contessa, as I know many of you are, as well. Time really does fly, as this is her 10th cookbook!  We have sold them all over the years, with each of her ten books gracing our cook bookery shelves at the Home store.  Cooking for those she loves is a running theme throughout, this book the emphasis on cooking for her husband of close to 50 years, Jeffrey.  For those of us who watch her cooking show, we are witness to the incredibly sweet love affair they have, and how her preparing food for him is such a big part of that love. In keeping with all her other titles, it is filled with page after page of yummy, yummy recipes that are as pretty to look at as they are tasty to eat.  The Ina style infused in all she does.  We are happy & honored to offer her latest title.

Happy Friday all!  Hope life is grand in your neck of the woods.  FYI, it snowed last night at Hawthorne! Amazing.  It was 82 degrees there last week.  Wow. from Seattle, Ted



A Glance Back at Hawthorne

We always hit the ground running when we return to Seattle from the Hudson Valley, so it is fun to look back and remember the stay.  The above image from a few Octobers ago (before the front door was painted green) as I forgot to snap a photo right when we got there of the trees surrounding the house.  By the time we left, the trees on both the right and the left of the house in this capture (the yellowish, reddish) were pretty much emptied of leaves.  The whole dance that occurs over the 2 weeks of them changing color and then dropping is pretty poetic. Fall color is the major theme, always, for our October visits.  Family, friends, dinners, a photo shoot or two, vintage buying, meetings in the city and a whole lot of resting up & re-energizing was on the agenda.  The house embracing us with loving arms, like it always does.  This is our 4th October stay, and over that short amount of time, the place & the house, has found a very special place in our hearts.  



A Bowl Full of Seckel Pears

The season may be short but it is oh so sweet, for the diminutive Seckel pear.  Autumn is in full swing when I start to see these sweet little gems pop up.  In a big bowl, on a platter, or just scattered about a table–their beautiful variation of colors & size make for a lovely reminder of the season.



GEODESIS Home Fragrances at WK

Just In, new scents & packaging from GEODESIS Home Fragrances by way of France.  A good, actually make that great, room spray can be such a divine addition to your home enhancement arsenal.  A spritz here & there can make a stuffy space just sing.  Lovely for the car too.  



Ted’s Tip No. 81

With apples so abundant this time of year, fill a bowl or compote to happily enjoy the natural beauty of the apple.



Mega Tealights

These mega tealights have become one of my new favorite things.  They burn for 10 hours so you can light them at the beginning of an evening, party or dinner and know they will be lit for the duration.  The regular sized tealights never making it through a full event. The gold containers also spiffy enough to use as they are. They are fab in glassybaby.  Make great host/hostess gifts too, as always nice to have extra candles at the ready.  Available at Watson Kennedy.  



A Dreamy Saturday Thought