I Woke Up To This

May 24, 2017

After our first night back at Hawthorne I am so excited I often wake up early to catch the sunrise in the valley from the dining room windows. I snapped this just a bit ago. But before I did that, I quickly checked my phone and was greeted with this bit of incredible loveliness in an e-mail:

for six years of the most generous, rich, unwavering, loving, eye-opening, stomach-opening, life-opening pleasure. YOU ARE SO THE BEST — and I just HOPE you know how much you are loved.

For today is the 6th anniversary/birthday (I never quite know which one to call it) of my daily blog. What incredibly kind, kind words. I find it such an honor to be able to share a bit each day with you. In this world of so much tragedy and uncertainty, I find myself looking more to the simple beauties that make up the day and doing my darndest to embrace them. It is so easy to be consumed by so much negativity swirling around. I always want to search for the good in people and things. That the win/win approach to life is real and by all means doable. That love for all and equality for all is paramount. That beauty and goodness count. My post each day is meant to be a spot of sunshine. I feel so incredibly fortunate for the life I get to lead, as I know many of you feel the same about your own, as well. But I also know not everyone does. So my hope is by my sharing something positive, it helps you to see the good in your world. I see it all as a circle. A circle of creativity, love, beauty and sharing. If I point out something good from my day, in turn I hope you notice something good about yours. Then the circle is complete. Life and the world is by no means perfect, but by golly, we can all work to make it really, really good. To embrace the goodness. 

So to you all, I say THANK YOU. It is my privilege to share with you each day. And yes Mimi, I most definitely feel the love. Merci for making my day…