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WK Holiday Guide Guides, Continued

As we are wrap, wrap, wrapping away at both shops as well as boxing up parcels to ship around the globe, the Holiday Gift Guides continue. Yesterday was the last day for guaranteed delivery by the 24th, but I know many folks celebrate in many different ways on many different days–below are more goodies to ponder as you consider gift options during this festive season, so we will continue shipping daily as we always do. If anything catches your eye, give us call at 800.991.9361. We love communicating in person. I find it incredibly nice/mannerly/refreshing to actually speak to a live person who knows the product and is happy to speak with you.

Gift Guide No. 30

Gift Guide No. 31

Gift Guide No. 32

Gift Guide No. 33

Gift Guide No. 34

Gift Guide No. 35



Tennis = Memories

I have started playing tennis again. It feels so good! For me playing was never really so much about beating an opponent, but about the poetry of hitting the ball. It was about the beauty of repetition, and the zen like feeling that inspires. That feeling when you strike the ball perfectly. If that resulted in beating who I was up against, that was a bonus. I taught myself to play hitting against a wall at my grade school. We had just moved to a new place and I did not know a soul. It became my happy place. I spent hours and hours hitting against that wall as a 10 year old until the coach for the high school team drove by and asked if I wanted to take lessons from him. I started winning titles at 11. The game became a defining part of me then, all through college, then becoming my profession. Tennis taught me so much about life. Daily I think of life lessons I learned along the way. At 30 I needed to try something new, and that is when my life in the creative world began. But I always knew I would come back to it. Sport of a lifetime, as the tag line goes. Recently I had started missing it. I am now back to hitting on that wall just like I did when I was a kid. But that wall is now in the lovely Volunteer Park, or hitting with a pro at the Nordstrom Tennis Center on the University of Washington campus. It really is like riding a bike. Muscle memory is something else. The flood of memories exceptional. I feel so much of my dad with me when I play. He was my biggest supporter. The scent of his cigar the signal that he had broken away from work and was now in the stands watching. Tennis taught me hard work. That nothing comes to you without putting in the work, the time. It is a lesson that has stayed with me always. To live in the moment, which is paramount in sport as well as life. It taught me joy. Joy in doing your best.



A Tomato Sandwich and a Glass of Rosé

That time of year again, and oh what a grand time of year it is. Tomato season! I can eat them daily and many times we do in so many ways. But the simplest is a tomato sandwich, on toasted bread, slathered in mayo with a heavy hand when salting the tomato. Heaven. Add a glass of rosé and a good book, and it might be one of my favorite August activities without breaking a sweat.



Ted’s Tip No. 130

A new year, a new collection. Collecting something utilitarian that you will actually use will increase the pleasure of your new ‘finds’ as they become part of your day to day.



WK Annual HOLIDAY Sale 

If you are in downtown Seattle the next two weeks, stop in either shop for our Annual HOLIDAY Sale. 50% off the above goods, many Holiday related, but I like to add a few other categories to spice it up a bit. This year all design & cook books are also part of the sale. Plus, don’t forget to check out our sale jewelry case as well as the sale refrigerator. Both of those are constantly added to throughout the year. We were at a party awhile back and a guest started telling us that the sale fridge was the best-kept secret in town for little treasures. TPS & I were cracking up because it is not meant to be a secret! 






Inspiration in Red 

Whether it be a flower, goods from the shops, a table setting, you name it–my eye has been drawn to red this past week. I find it energizing as well as comforting, the warmth of the hue goes right to my heart.



Pyrrha at Watson Kennedy 

Always such a treat to see the new works by many of the artisans whose work we sell at WK when I am buying at the shows. Pyrrha is one such example, as I am always so excited to see what new creations they bring. Handcrafted using authentic wax seals and imagery from the Victorian era, Pyrrha talismans protect, celebrate and inspire the wearer. Their work has graced our cases for over 15 years, creating many happy customers with their soulful necklaces. I always love when someone comes in years later and shows me a piece they tell me they have worn every day since.



Happy Father’s Day

A very happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! A day for us all to show/remember the love & gratitude and all the good things about the special men in our life who helped raise us. I know these holidays can also be tough, as many of us have lost our father. I had a customer say yesterday as he looked through the card bin, “It can be a complicated day.” He is right. Many of us feel our dad was the best, but I also know many do not share this feeling. Always looking for the silver lining, I think of today as the day we embrace all the good memories, even if that number is limited. To my own father, who has now been gone 30+ years, I still think of him every day, in some way. I know I am one of the lucky ones, as my memory bank is filled with page after page of amazing memories. The above image our shop window in honor of all things dad. Hope your day is a grand one, however you chose to celebrate it.



I Woke Up To This

After our first night back at Hawthorne I am so excited I often wake up early to catch the sunrise in the valley from the dining room windows. I snapped this just a bit ago. But before I did that, I quickly checked my phone and was greeted with this bit of incredible loveliness in an e-mail:

for six years of the most generous, rich, unwavering, loving, eye-opening, stomach-opening, life-opening pleasure. YOU ARE SO THE BEST — and I just HOPE you know how much you are loved.

For today is the 6th anniversary/birthday (I never quite know which one to call it) of my daily blog. What incredibly kind, kind words. I find it such an honor to be able to share a bit each day with you. In this world of so much tragedy and uncertainty, I find myself looking more to the simple beauties that make up the day and doing my darndest to embrace them. It is so easy to be consumed by so much negativity swirling around. I always want to search for the good in people and things. That the win/win approach to life is real and by all means doable. That love for all and equality for all is paramount. That beauty and goodness count. My post each day is meant to be a spot of sunshine. I feel so incredibly fortunate for the life I get to lead, as I know many of you feel the same about your own, as well. But I also know not everyone does. So my hope is by my sharing something positive, it helps you to see the good in your world. I see it all as a circle. A circle of creativity, love, beauty and sharing. If I point out something good from my day, in turn I hope you notice something good about yours. Then the circle is complete. Life and the world is by no means perfect, but by golly, we can all work to make it really, really good. To embrace the goodness. 

So to you all, I say THANK YOU. It is my privilege to share with you each day. And yes Mimi, I most definitely feel the love. Merci for making my day…