Hendricks Watson Sive

January 20, 2024

My oh my, what an incredibly special and fun week this has been welcoming our newest family member, Hendricks. Puppy love of the highest order. The amount of joy this little one brings, quite something. We wanted to wait a year after Bailey died to honor her. She was such a big part of our day to day life. Coming to the shop each day, being with us on all our trips. I still talk to her each day. Her loss left an empty spot in our hearts we knew we wanted to fill. This might sound overly woo-woo, but I am absolutely cool with that as it brings me great comfort—I would ask her to help send us a pooch we would love just like we did her. And she absolutely did. Our friend Lisa Birnbach had gotten a fabulous pooch from Sue at the House of Poo in Poughkeepsie. The minute I saw a photo of him in November I just knew he was the one for us. Those soulful eyes. We could not wait to get to New York and go see him shortly after we arrived on Christmas Day. The moment we both held him, that was it. The photos of us are with him at 6 weeks old. The one where he is in a travel bag to drive up to see us at Hawthorne for a play date was at 7 weeks. Sue brought him back up to our house a week later when he officially came to live with us. He is a Cavapoo. His litter was five, all reds. He is the tiniest of them all. At 9 weeks he is a bit over 4 pounds. The vet thinks he will be between 12 to 14 pounds, which is exactly what Bailey was. He is just the sweetest little guy. At the moment teething, which can make him a tad feisty. Which we also love. The feisty part, not the teething part:) Our hearts are full again. Home feels full again.