Classic Style by Kate Schelter

June 22, 2017

A fun new book is on the way to the shops. Classic Style by Kate Schelter, who is an artist, creative director and stylist. My first introduction to Kate’s work was through my friend Rita Konig, who shows her work on her website. The book is about style in many forms–how we dress, how we furnish our homes, the gifts we give. From the book: “The key to personal style is simple: Forget what’s cool and trust your gut. The magic is in your mix. When you draw confidence from your classics–the pieces that you come back to again and again–your style is your own. Classics let you do more, and be more, with less.”

A fun thing incorporated throughout the pages is a questionnaire of some of her friends, with one being from Rita. I always love reading about the details of folks lives. So often we know the big picture, I find it fascinating to know the little details that make their heart sing. Just for fun, I answered a bunch of the questions. This would be an interesting thing to do at your next dinner or cocktail party with friends.

Oldest Item In Your Wardrobe  A black cashmere overcoat that was my grandfathers.

Wristwatch  A gold Rolex that was my 21st birthday present from my parents that I have worn every day since.

Fragrance  Diptyque Philosykos.

Everything Goes Better With  A smile.

Sentimental Gift You’ve Received  A piece of artwork each year from my husband on our anniversary. This coming January is 30 years!

Favorite Place In The World  Wherever TPS & Bailey are.

Dishes  A mix of vintage English and a set of all-white we have had for 25+ years.

Favorite Hotel  Hotel Le Tourville in Paris. We painted our bedroom at The Gainsborough the same yellow as one of our favorite rooms we stayed in there.

Favorite Restaurant  Spinasse & Cafe Campagne in Seattle. Prune & Buvette in New York.

Go-To Drink  Hendricks and Fever-Tree with a cucumber slice.

Luggage  A Filson roller bag.

Favorite Font  Times New Roman

Preferred Method Of Correspondence  A hand-written note, but sometimes a text slips in too.

Can’t Cook Without  Good salt. Maldon and Jacobsen.

Favorite Color  Green with orange a close runner-up.

Beloved Movie  The Royal Tenenbaums 

Design Idol  Albert Hadley

Flowers  No conceivable way I could choose just one. Tulips, peony, hydrangea, roses, dahlias.

Makes You Feel At Home  Lighting a candle and having flowers scattered about in single stem vases.