We Made It!

August 18, 2017

We are always excited to arrive at Hawthorne, but this arrival was hard fought and seems extra special. Without going into the long boring details, my knee injury from a month or so ago altered how I was walking, standing, sleeping, which really did a number on my lower back. 5 days flat on my back, a doctor visit, 3 chiropractic adjustments, and an acupuncture treatment, along with all sorts of pain medicine and our Sunday eve Hawthorne arrival became a Thursday morning arrival. Let’s just say I kissed the ground when we arrived. The wet, not overly hot Summer in our part of the Hudson Valley has been so kind to the hydrangea. Our friend CoCo arrived on Tuesday eve and clicked these for me as I could not wait one more second to see how they were doing. 

This variety has a green hue to them, which you know makes me so happy I could squeal. The deer also quite like them, but how they are planted so close to the house seems to keep them away. This Flower Friday is all about them outside. TPS asked me last night if he wanted me to have him cut a bunch for inside. I was so drained by the flight and the day of travel I declined as I want to be totally on my game when playing with these lovelies. Next week the post will be the blooms inside the house. Welcome back to Hawthorne!