A Jumble of Thoughts

October 3, 2017

Sending thoughts, saying a prayer, calling your representative, giving blood, donating money–all are hugely valid and needed during these times. I know so many of us are feeling completely overwhelmed by the actions of the last few days. Finding the right words for this post has just been a jumble in my brain. I started this blog and continue to do so each day for it to be a source of beauty, inspiration, filled with love. But when acts of senseless violence happen where so many innocent people have their lives taken from them, and I think of the life of heartache and loss their families will be faced to endure, I am deeply saddened and moved. While it has never been my intent to have this be a political forum, it has always been my desire that it sparks us to do. To look at the beauty of the world, to send a note out of the blue, to care for one another, to love one another, to do. This really is no different. We must do something about this to stop these events from happening again. To call upon ourselves to work to figure this out. 

Sending extraordinary amounts of love to you all. Ted