An Evening Swim & Cocktail Time With A Book

July 16, 2020

While these times might be trying and unprecedented in many ways, we are still doing our darndest to keep some normality in our day to day. Or in this case, the eve. Summer for Mister Sive means trying to get a swim in, if possible. We are having a stretch of gorgeous weather, so we headed to our favorite spot the other evening–the Montlake Cut where the Seattle Yacht Club meets. This is a little spot we have been going to for years. I sit with Bailey on the little bench with a G&T and read while TPS takes his dip. In many ways the location is quintessential Seattle. Boats, paddle boarders, kayakers, all out & about. It is something we love doing and for that bit of time the stresses of the world seem to fade away for a moment. We all need a break from the endless cycle of bad news. The air, the sun, the water–all make everything melt away for a bit of time. Be it gardening, going for a run, sewing, whatever brings you joy. Stay at it. Finish that book. Savor those fresh cut flowers from your garden. As I have written before, this is our now. We must make the absolute best of it.