A Little Vessel of Sweet Hyacinth

February 19, 2021

Flower Friday all about the sweetest little grouping of white hyacinth that was tucked back on the side table next to my favorite chair at WestWard. My eye would catch them time and again filling me with flower glee. These speak to me in such a big way that Spring is coming, even when it is easy to have doubts when it is so cold and snow is on the ground. As if they whisper or even shout, “Hang in there, I am on my way!” A favorite vintage clear medical glass with measurement numbers on it the vessel of choice for this bundle of happiness.

Hope everyone is staying well and warm. Oh my gosh, this weather is something. My sister who lives in Florida says they are having a heatwave. Wherever you are, be it hot or cold, I send a big virtual hug. TKW