A Sense Of Calm

April 8, 2021

The other day out on the island Colvos Passage was incredibly still and oh so peaceful. That does not happen often as there is usually quite a bit of boat and barge traffic that creates a pretty active waterway that creates a good amount of waves. Which we really quite love, but the stillness the other day reflected my mood. So did the sunny beautiful day. Which was following another beautifully sunny day the day before. A sense of calm. A deep breath in, a deep breath out. It felt so good. For that moment all was right in the world. We all need those moments. It has been quite a year. I think it will take some time after this is all behind us for us to really absorb it all. Each of us carries a different experience of the last year, but we also carry with us a shared experience of having lived through it together. On some levels it was completely challenging, while on others supremely rewarding to know we could rise to the occasion and make the very best of it. My hope is that it makes us savor a bit more, be nicer to one another, and makes us all grateful for what we have. To be satisfied and happy in the moment. Even when that moment is not exactly how we thought it would be.