Stop And Smell The Roses

May 20, 2021

Actually, make that lilacs in place of roses! While it has been a busy stay I am taking every opportunity to relax and rejuvenate and fill the tank back up. Be it laying on the sofa in the front sunporch and reading or napping (this shot was taken from said position) or just catching up with family & friends over a drink—balance is the key. That is my thought today. I keep coming back to the lessons learned from this past year. How important self care is and how easy it is to set that aside. But we must always make that a top priority and not set it aside. Each of us has ways that relax us. That rejuvenate us. Be it a walk, a run, a bath, a good book, time in the garden, painting, you name it. Let’s make sure we hold tight to the things that give us so much in terms of good health—for body, mind and spirit.