A Walk On The Wild Carrot Side

August 20, 2021

Flower Friday a big bundle of wild carrot or better know as Queen Anne’s lace. TPS taking a walk in our meadow the other eve produced this glorious assortment. They are also called bird’s nest, which might be my favorite name, as some of the stems have that little bloom that so highly resembles a nest. The variety of each stem is what has always drawn me to it. They have such a strong country vibe to them, which I love. A friend gave me the green vase as a gift at my New York book party for ‘Style & Simplicity’ which had been in her family. I try and use it each stay as it makes me think of her. The whole arrangement smack dab in the middle of the coffee table on the back porch so the stems could fan out and be enjoyed fully. There is a ceiling fan right above it, which makes them sway about as if they are out in the wilds. A happy August Friday. Have a lovely Summer week-end. X, T2+B