A Mossy Green Coat And The Finish Line In Sight

August 26, 2021

The lions that we gifted one another on our 30th anniversary a few years ago taking on a green coat of moss from all the rain the Hudson Valley has had the past months. They look after and guard things while we are away. TPS snapped this image the day before we left. It was a full day of travel yesterday to Seattle. Up early and ready to hit the ground running. I love getting to the shops early to see all the new that arrived while we were away. The Hawthorne stay was pretty divine in every way. Particularly since hurricane Henri passed us all by, but the heavy rains he brought were quite something to watch. All my concentration was on finishing up my book which is 99% done. Just a few tweaks that only high speed fiber optics from my office could handle and all is done! I often liken the Holiday seasons at Watson Kennedy to running a marathon. The ebb and flow of the run and what your body and mind go through. The absolute same thing could be said for writing, styling, photographing and editing a book. It is exhilarating and exhausting and then exhilarating all over again. You get excited and then you doubt yourself and then you get excited all over again. It is one giant puzzle with many moving pieces. It can be a roller coaster of emotions, all the while you feel so incredibly excited and feel so fortunate to be on the ride! When you eye that finish line, a rush of emotions comes over you along with a huge sense of joy that you finished the race.