Late Blooming Geraniums

October 21, 2021

Flower Friday about a big Guy Wolff terracotta pot filled with the most delicate and dainty little white geraniums. We found the beautifully handsome pot at Bunny Williams shop, 100 Main a few years back. She was actually working the floor that day so we got to say hi. Bailey got to run around too! We instantly filled the pot with geraniums where it has lived on the front steps leading up to our front door. It has come inside to the back porch for the cold season ahead. The space is screened in with big glass panels, so when it gets sunny outside the room warms up and it can feel like being in a terrarium. In a good way. Plants love it back there. The geranium has started to bloom again, which makes us so happy. I shot this image the other day and a bunch more blooms have opened since. It really is one of those cases of reveling in the beauty of the small details that swirl around us. It was living on a pedestal by one of the windows, but it insisted, rightfully so, that it needed to be front & center on the coffee table for all to enjoy. Of course, that meant sharing it with you all too. Have a lovely, lovely October week-end in your part of the world. X, T2+B