The Calm Before The Storm

May 17, 2022

It is funny because many people who do not live in the Pacific Northwest think it rains there all the time. While indeed it does rain, it is not all the time, it generally is a super light rain, and it is what keeps everything so beautifully green. In New York, much like when I was growing up in the Midwest, when it rains, it reaaaallllly rains. Both TPS and I love a heavy rainstorm. We sit on the back porch at Hawthorne and treat it almost like watching live theater. Then the thunder comes. An extra added bonus. I love thunder! When I was little it used to scare me terribly. Then my mom told me it was people in heaven bowling. Being quite vulnerable at the time, it worked, as I pretty much have adored thunder ever since. The upside to Bailey hearing very little in her advanced age is she no longer reacts negatively to thunder. Oh my, for years, it was terrible. She would just shake and shake. Now she just sleeps in my lap and snores as the thunder crashes away. Yesterday afternoon we were treated to such a New York storm. Mister Sive was coming back from visiting his brother in Troy. He got soaking wet getting from the car to the garage, which is about 15 steps. It rained buckets. Once he got in the house and dried off, we were treated to one heck of a storm. No tickets necessary.

I shot this inside from the back porch during the storm.