A Farewell Flurry

January 26, 2023

It started to snow a bit again right as we were packing up the car to head to the airport. I thought of it as a farewell flurry until we are back in May and the lilacs will be in bloom. We feel so fortunate and count our blessings every day we are at Hawthorne that we get to celebrate each season there. This stay was restorative in so many ways—for body, mind & spirit. It was our first time without Bailey which took lots of adjustment. Her giant spirit packed in that eleven pound body swirls around every part of our Hudson Valley home. It always will, which we take great comfort in. The two snow covered lions out front always keeping an eye on and looking after things while we are away. I always say to them as we drive away. Boys take good care of the place for us until we are back.