Dahlias and Dill and Geraniums

August 18, 2023

Flower Friday blooms from a cocktail party/supper gathering on one of the warmest evenings in Seattle this year. The flowers were certainly perky while I was wilting a bit. Probably better than the other way around! I snapped these early in the preparation. The dill from the Vashon Island Thriftway as they charmed me to no end. The bundle was about 5 feet high initially. Cut it down a bit for the family party on Sunday. It took the ferry crossing and was shorn even more to create a tighter bundle. The dahlias from the Pike Place Market which is absolutely bursting with them at the moment. Side note—we will be attending the big Sunset Supper this eve at the Market. Please stop us and say hi if you are there! The potted geraniums at WestWard are overflowing in the most beautiful way. TPS cut a bunch back for me on Tuesday which also made it back into town. I dotted them around the apartment in single stem vases. The paper Livia Cetti geraniums in the windows continue to shine, no watering required! I polished lots of hotel silver yesterday., which always relaxes me immensely. Cooked early in the morning so the oven was not on as guests arrived. Tried a new salmon recipe and will share soon. Laughter and stores filled the air. I love weeknight gatherings. Everyone stay cool and have an awesome weekend. XX, T2