August Dahlias

August 25, 2023

The flower stalls in the Pike Place Market are bursting with just about every dahlia shape and color imaginable. A stroll through gets me almost lightheaded with glee. Often I go for the serenely calming white, as they work well on the dining table with a variety of our dishes. I almost always stay with one shape & color and do big masses of them in a single vessel or spread them out dancing about in single stem vases. Plus I like to dot them around the apartment here and there for little visual surprises among the bookshelves and tabletops. At the shops, I use vintage Champagne buckets to hold a simple bundle. They get plopped in before we open and get plucked out right as we are heading out the door heading home for supper. In the interim, everyone gets to enjoy them throughout the day while they shop away. Oh my, the last weekend of August—I paused a bit before I typed that. Enjoy the heck out of it! X, T