This & That

August 29, 2023

Just In, all sorts of French goodness along with some much loved iconic art. Last week a big shipment of goods arrived from Paris. Chic glassware in many shapes & sizes, along with box after box of the very best teas. I also picked up close to 25 pieces of Hugo Guinness linoleum cut works of art from our framer. We collect vintage frames that then house the artwork. It was a busy week indeed unpacking and displaying and hanging. While the end result is what everyone sees, we do our darndest to enjoy the process all along the way from finding/sourcing/ordering, tracking the shipments, unpacking said shipments, cleaning the goods to a shiny sparkle, then ultimately displaying things on our shelves and shop walls. It is a shopkeepers circle of retail life of keeping things fresh and full and interesting and fun.