September 12, 2023

I had such a fun time in Eugene last week doing a Q&A with the crowd before I ended up signing a book for everyone. One of the questions asked was what do we like to serve right when guests arrive. Above is a visual for some of what I talked about. We like to call them nibbles. Things set out for folks to nibble on before a beach walk or to have while they wait for me to finish making them a cocktail. It is not intended to be a full meal, but it certainly could if you would want it to be. Here are a few ideas. A platter of pâté with a big dollop of Dijon mustard along with cornichon. A few cheeses. Along with a bowl of crackers & bread. A big bowl of small tomatoes next to a bowl of French sea salt for dunking. White bean dip. Cut up cucumbers. Cheese coins and cheese sticks. Always a bowl of nuts or some nut mix. A big bowl of cherries. And lastly, a tin of sardines, along with mustard, cornichon and a pile of Triscuits. Truly, set out what you have on hand. This is what we came up with for a recent gathering. It varies each time. Just know your guests will be quite happy to have a nibble or two while chatting away at your next soirée.