A Compact & Tidy Bar Area

September 19, 2023

When I was away week before last doing a book signing, in the Q&A I was asked about setting up a bar area in your home. For gatherings in town, we actually have several set up so guests can help themselves throughout the course of the party/event. But really only one spot will absolutely do too. Here, we have it set up in our kitchen. A simple butcher block topped table becomes the bar holding liquor bottles, glassware, ice, openers, napkins. The melamine trays keeping things organized and are great for a spot to mix a drink. It is all tucked in a corner so it does not interfere with the flow of other things going on in the kitchen but also allows guests easy access for a drink. P.S. Bailey’s kitchen bed underneath the bar. She had many spots she loved around the apartment. Insert large smile. We take great comfort in seeing it there each day. She loved camping out here during a gathering. Our girl loved a good party!