A Sea of Mums

September 29, 2023

My love affair with mums continues. The two big pots of them we picked up at the Hudson Farmers Market early last Saturday have been giving us lots of flower happiness this week and just had to be the Flower Friday blooms to be celebrated. As mentioned in the past, I was not a big fan of mums long ago. But our neck of the woods in the Hudson Valley does them in such a beautifully big way, they won us over. The sheer number of flowers per pot can make me dizzy with glee. They signal the start of Autumn to me. We plunked them into big zinc pots we found at Brimfield a few years ago, and have them on the long picnic table we have out back that looks up to the meadow and fields beyond. We can see them from the dining room, kitchen and the back porch, so lots of pausing throughout the day to take it all in. Everyone have a lovely, lovely last few days of September. XX, T2