A Big Platter of Clementines

October 3, 2023

We were in Rochester this weekend visiting our niece Aisling and her partner Matt. As well as their pooch Bobbie. There is a well-known grocer there called Wegmans. Many years back they were an account of mine when I had my wholesale showroom. I have always been a fan from afar and could not wait to check it out on our visit. I was blown away by how meticulous it was and the quality of everything they were carrying. I love buying bags of produce. Often it is when things are in season, so the quality is usually top notch, plus they are really good value. This bag of clementines came home with us and I could not wait to open it up and have it out for guests to enjoy on the front entry table. Nothing fancy at all, but I love the graciousness that a big platter of something offers (think apples, pomegranates, oranges, pomanders) when someone is arriving or departing from your home. A little gift!