A Month of Mums

October 12, 2023

Flower Friday all about the big pots of mums we bought when we first arrived that are still majorly going strong. They have brought so much flowery happiness this stay. We have had some pretty solid rains that pelted these blooms pretty badly but they weathered the storm. Such a hearty lot they are. The evenings have been quite cool so we have not had a supper outside at the long picnic table where the two pots of mums reside. But we have spent many an evening out on the back porch with a fire going and the flowers were very much part of mix.

This stay has been a rollercoaster of emotions. What is going on in the world so horrific combined with the family health issues we have been processing and coming to terms with. It all just a reminder to all of us to hold those we love extra tight. Never take a thing for granted and try to find bits of joy in each day, no matter what life is handing you. I send you all much, much love.