And So It Begins

October 19, 2023

We arrived late last night to Seattle. Our stay at Hawthorne as revivifying as always—for both the mind and body. Hit the ground running early this morning as my task list is long and I am excited to get things started. I have often likened these next few months for a shopkeeper as a marathon. Indeed it is! Incredibly fun, and stressful, joyous, tiring, and at the same time exhilarating. November is our 25th anniversary month of WK, so lots of cool things happening to honor that. My head is spinning, in a very good way, with details and ideas. It is creative time on many levels, which is one of the parts I enjoy the most about it all. But the very best part of all it is the people. Making folks happy rates quite high in my book. There is a happiness that is wrapped up in the upcoming season. That we get to play a small part of that for some is immensely meaningful to me. And so it begins… X, TKW