Culling From Nature

20150310-081202.jpg Nature can provide all sorts of wondrous things when you want to set a table. The other evening at a table for two for our Sunday eve supper, various beach finds were called into action.

20150310-081511.jpg This lichen & moss covered branch TPS found on a walk from one of the trees that jets out over parts of the beach. Sculptural just as it was, it anchored the setting.

20150310-081751.jpg Then I pulled a few favorite shells out of our large glass vase filled with them, that we are constantly adding to. The trio shell holder I found ages ago while vintage shopping would hold the salt and continue the shell-y theme.

20150310-082128.jpg And lastly, 2 hand-painted blue dominos that are part of a set that were a gift from our friend Jane. I always like to add something that doesn’t quite fit as I think it sparks conversation & visual interest. I have a funny domino story to tell at a later posting… With the table set, it was on to dinner as twilight danced around us.


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  1. Honestly, Ted, I think a book filled with your tablescapes is due!

  2. Julie Hatcher

    Ted, What is the name of the Glassy Baby on that beautiful table? It is the exact color I am looking for. Thank you for your reply.

    Julie Larson

  3. What a beautiful table! The candles add such ambience. I also like the table linens, flatware, and plates. May I ask where you purchased the plates? I love the crown and monogram!

  4. Hi Julie! Were you able to find out from glassybaby the color? Best, Ted

  5. I was out of town for a bit, but I contacted them today. They just called me back with the info. As a group, they decided “Stormy”. I will be placing my order this evening. Thanks for your help.

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