A Classic: Kenneth Turner Original Signature

Excited to report we once again have Kenneth Turner original signature scented candles to offer. We had been without them for awhile, as I was waiting for the simple glass container to come back into stock. No such luck, as they have stopped pouring into those, but they are now offering this iconic scented candle in a quite lovely clear glass chalice. So when all is said and done burning the candle entirely, you are left with a pretty swell vase. Mister Turner and I go way back, as I represented his company when he was first starting exporting his goods into the States, when I had my wholesale showroom. Our shop shelves have had a variety of his wares on them since we first opened our doors close to 19 years ago. This is why it has gained ‘Classic’ status in the Watson Kennedy world. The scent, ummistably Kenneth Turner.

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  1. Ann Chamberlain

    Please advise cost of the Kenneth Turner Chalice Candle.

  2. OHHH–ordering one of these soonest. Decades ago we were invited to a dinner party in London that I still remember to this day–not particularly about the food but, omg, the decor of the house. To begin with, it was one of those upstairs-downstairs, white-columned, on a crescent London dwellings and the beautiful furnishings were complemented by glorious flowers–mostly big clear fishbowls of tulips. SOOO chic. But the space I remember most vividly was the dining room with its tall fireplace flanked with two long banners of dried flowers, which the hostess told me were done by her “dear friend Kenneth Turner.” Sublime.

  3. Hi there! Give the shop a call at 206.443.6281 and they can give you price. I am away so don’t want to give you the wrong $ amount. They are SO good!

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