Red Dahlias & A Modern Family Moment

August 5, 2012

20120805-075000.jpg I did my usual Saturday morning stroll through some of the Market stalls yesterday, and found these fluttery red beauties. Within moments of arriving to WestWard last evening, they had found a home on the dining table next to a pair of red glassybaby, ready to be enjoyed fully for our stay. That is what I think I like most about dahlias, is the incredible variety. Not only is there a huge color assortment, but the sizes and shapes can vary so greatly and are so beautiful in their variations.

But the red dahlias were not the only thing to bring a smile to my face yesterday. My ‘Modern Family’ moment occurred when Ty Burrell and his wife Holly, paid a visit to the shop. They were up from LA on a Seattle visit and were doing some shopping. The pair could not have been more lovely, gracious or complimentary, saying “the shop is so beautifully curated” and found a cool grouping of gifts. After a little chat, they then headed down to our First Avenue location. We are huge Modern Family fans, so it was a very fun way to start my Saturday.

A restful, restorative Sunday to all.