Paperwhite Narcissus Bulbs

November 27, 2012

20121127-071732.jpg Paperwhite narcissus bulbs have started showing up these past few weeks at garden centers and even the flower section of our local grocery store. If you have not worked with these lovelies in the past, pick a few of the bulbs up the next time you see them. You won’t be sorry. They are the easiest darn things to get to flower, and the scent will fill your home with Holiday goodness. I completely associate paperwhites with the November/December holiday season. The delicate little white flowers just adding to the festiveness of the time of year. They are also quite fun to watch grow. The vintage large glass jar is my choice each year for a container at home in town. I also have a pot or 2 growing at each shop, so customers can enjoy them. I will post in a week or so a few photos of how quickly they start to grow and the beauty of the process.