A Very Memorable Dinner

July 12, 2013

20130712-071331.jpg Our niece Caitlin was recently visiting us for a little vacation. She is a chef in New York, and the restaurant she works for closes for the July 4th holiday week, so it was a perfect time for her to make a trip to Seattle. We have spoken for years about her making a meal for a dinner party when she was here. This was the time, and it all could not have been more lovely. The meal was off the charts.

20130712-071937.jpg I wanted to set a creamy white table so the food would be the star. I always think food looks best on a white background. Vintage game pieces would serve as place cards.

20130712-072647.jpg Tyler Florence Sauvignon Blanc and Bieler Pere et Fils Rosé were the wine offerings. The Sauvignon Blanc will be the next ‘Wine Wednesday’ post. Look for it in the coming weeks. So tasty.

20130712-072945.jpg It also gave me a chance to set the table using our new white D. Porthault napkins. The first of the dahlias have started to show up in the Market. They are a sure sign that Summer has arrived.

20130712-073314.jpg It was also a chance to use the vintage mother of pearl handled silverware that we found when we first met, but have not used in quite awhile.

20130712-073447.jpg With the table all set, it was now time for Caitlin and the food to shine.

20130712-073625.jpg I apologize in advance. This is the only course I snapped a photo of. When I first started writing the blog, I made a promise to myself that it would only enhance my love of living in the moment, not hinder it. Once the meal begins, the wine is poured, and the stories begin, the last thing I want to do is start taking photos of the plates. But, it was my best intention to try and take more as this was such a special meal, but only the salad course was photographed. Caitlin created quite a meal, working away all afternoon creating each and every last bite. Here, in words, is the glorious menu that was served.

We started off with an assortment of oysters from Taylor Shellfish that Caitlin had made a red wine tarragon mignonette for. Then an arugula salad with strawberry balsamic vinaigrette, asparagus, roasted red & golden beets, with a chèvre croquette. The main course was pan seared rainbow trout, tomato marmalade, crispy polenta cakes with roasted corn, and thyme roasted heirloom cherry tomatoes. There was also a delightful mixed herb salad that was placed on top of the trout, but for the life of me I am not finding the proper French spelling. That aside, it was delightful. Dessert was a chocolate pot de creme, with Chantilly cream and mixed berries with a blueberry syrup.

20130712-081122.jpg It was an evening filled with much laughter and love. Taking photos at the table while all the festivities are taking place is another thing I generally don’t do very often. Again, back to that living the fullest in each moment. But, this crowd insisted I snap a few. There were times I was laughing so hard I was crying.

20130712-081634.jpg Cheers!