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True Wisdom

20140228-043745.jpg I found this quote card in our stack yesterday and was quite taken with it. Thought it was the perfect thought to begin a Friday. Well, really any day. Cheers to gathering the precious things out of each day. Always.



Sheer Rose Beauty


20140227-065110.jpg Oh my word, the utter beauty of these roses just left me speechless. My friend Michael who owns Buckets flower shop on First Avenue sells just the most gorgeous roses. A quick stop in yesterday to pick up some blooms for the shop and these lovelies were just too good not to have snapped a few photos to share with you. Enjoy and a most lovely Thursday to you all.





Field Study Eye Tests

20140226-065449.jpg I lived in London when I was in college for a bit, attending a study abroad program. I lived with the sweetest, wittiest, smartest family. That is where my love of British humor really began. They would have me buckled over in laughter at just life’s most simplest things–taking an ordinary task/story/moment and make it incredibly witty & funny. When these cards arrived recently, I just knew they had a British sense and sensibility. Created by Roderick Field, they combine simple black and white bold graphics with humor. A double winner in my book.






Local Flavors

20140225-055554.jpg I always love reading about new things to try in one’s own city. So I thought I would pass these on to you. Places to try if you live here, and places to put on your list if you come for a visit. Which I highly recommend. Seattle is such a special place. The water, the mountains, the flowers, world class food–I could go on and on. The above amazingly yummy Greek yogurt from Ellenos. They have a stand at the Pike Place Market. You would almost think it was an ice cream or gelato stand, as all the yogurts are presented as such, and they spoon them right into containers for you on the spot. I opted for a Ball jar as the container, which I thought was such a cool way to offer selling it. The idea is that you bring it back and they refill it. Lemon curd with Greek yogurt, oh my. Delicious. So good it could be served just ‘as is’ for dessert, but would be equally fab with granola for breakfast. The below, very darn tasty cookies from Hello Robin on 19th. The neighborhood around this shop is growing, and I am a sucker for a good cookie. It drew me right in. Tons of flavors. All presented in a very sweet space. Ice cream too. TPS was quite happy a box came home after my grocery shopping expedition.




A Little Town & Country Love

20140224-072500.jpg I was honored and thrilled when asked by the folks at Town & Country what some of ‘My Favorite Things’ from the shops were at the moment. It is always so tough to chose just a few, but I clicked away a bunch of things that told a bit of a visual story and looked interesting together. Being a T&C fan since I was a kid, I joke that I read it in the crib, I was just elated to be asked. Here is the link.



Kale Salad with Maple Vinaigrette & Cherries

20140223-054152.jpg Just can’t seem to get enough kale. Love it. So healthy for you. So filling. What I also love about it is how well it keeps in the fridge. I bought a good sized bunch the day we got back from New York almost 2 weeks ago. Still was going strong when I took it out yesterday to make a little salad to take to the shop. Kale is also so great as it does not wilt easily, making it super transportable for salads for lunch, picnics, whenever. I just put the vinaigrette in the container first on the bottom and put the kale directly on top. When I am ready to serve it, I just shake the whole thing around, and the salad becomes perfectly dressed.

For the vinaigrette, maple syrup helps tremendously to add a bit of sweetness and take away any bitter the kale might have. In a bowl add a big dollop of Dijon mustard. To that add a few good glugs of maple syrup. Then the juice of one lemon. Salt & pepper. Then whisk in extra virgin olive oil until it all incorporates. Finally add Parmesan that has been grated super fine. Combine all for a flavorful vinaigrette.

I most times like to add dried cherries or cranberries to the salad. Yesterday it was cherries. Tear up kale into bite sized pieces, being sure to omit the tough spine. I just tear around the spine and discard them. Once all is mixed together, add another sprinkling of Parm to the top of the salad. I had it alongside Beecher’s mac & cheese, for a hearty, tasty lunch on a rainy day at the shop.



Orange Parrot Tulips

I made a quick run through the Market on Thursday as a little break from a day of shop display work and could just not help myself from stopping at these beyond incredible orange parrot tulips. They are doing the tulip dance in a clear glass vase on the coffee table in the living room at this very moment. Slight yellows and pinks running throughout the orange. Breathtakingly beautiful.






Jumping for Joy

20140221-075157.jpg I received my advanced copy of my book yesterday. It is now feeling quite real. When I sat with my friends Catherine, Rise’ and Linda at Brasserie Les Halles in New York in early November after picking up a color copy of the book from my editor at Sterling, they were all surprised I was not more ecstatic. As we sat sipping celebratory Veuve looking through the pages, of course I was happy. But as I told them, when I hold the finished product in my hands, then it will all seem real. Then I will jump for joy. The process and life of a book is quite long. As a small business owner, patience is not my strong suit–you just have limited time to get things done. The process of a book involves so many folks over a good span of time. I started referring to it all as, “rush, rush, wait, wait.” By the time the book officially comes out on May 6th, it will be 2 years almost to the day since I made my book proposal. So when I opened up that FedEx box yesterday, it finally all felt so real. I could not be happier with all of it. I jumped for joy! I love the size, I love the paper chosen for the pages, I love the linen textured cover, I love the white de-bossed title. So much time went into planning & thinking about it all, then writing it, then styling the vignettes, then photographing it all, then laying out and planning all the pages. It is just how I had hoped it would be.

2 things. You can pre-order the book on Amazon, and you can pre-order one from Watson Kennedy. It will be on the WK website in the coming days. May 6th we will be having a big book signing party at the First Avenue shop. Veuve Clicquot will be one of the sponsors of the event. Tons more details to follow, but I wanted to give you all a heads up. Then book tour spots and dates will be announced. Such an exciting, fun, busy time! I love that you are all with me for this journey.
XX, Ted



A Thursday Victor Hugo Quote

20140220-075122.jpg Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart.
— Victor Hugo



SAVEUR Grapefruit Recipes

20140219-071125.jpg The latest issue of SAVEUR arrived in the mail at home yesterday. What an amazing cover! The grapefruit slices looking like a bouquet of flowers. A really incredibly beautiful bouquet of flowers. Not sure I have seen a cover on a food magazine in recent memory where I was so taken with the image. Yes, I am completely judging this magazine by the cover, as a twist on the saying goes. And this time I was completely right to do so. The magazine is always one of my very favorite, but this article with many, many grapefruit recipes is just so darn good. Risotto with grapefruit and seared scallops. Where do I sign up? Amazing. Grapefruit and sugar rubbed pork tenderloin. Oh my. I crave citrus at this chilly time of year. These recipes will keep us busy eating gorgeous grapefruit filled dishes for quite awhile.

Happy Wednesday all!