A Dining Table, Part One

May 26, 2014

20140526-085440.jpg This visit lilacs have played a big part of the enjoyment. As I wrote about the other day, the 2 huge bushes have just been overflowing with blooms. TPS thinning them out a bit and we get to enjoy the fruits of his labor with flowers in the house. Above, Ted loaded up with them after a round of cutting. Hard to find words to describe how happy this all makes me.

20140526-085742.jpg I start by cleaning and picking thru all the flowers, cutting away any dying blooms or dried out stalks. Then I cut the stem to the length I want, and split the bottom of the stem so it gets a chance to drink in lots of water.

20140526-085956.jpg This would be a table set just for the 2 of us. I used the clear Marta glasses I am so fond of, which I wrote about in my book. They are stellar drinking glasses but also work swell for a vase. My idea was to mass a bunch of them together in the middle of the table so it looked like one large arrangement. But it was actually a bunch of individual glasses close together holding all the lilacs.

20140526-090350.jpg I left the tabletop bare and exposed. I love doing that. This is an old English table that has lots of interest and history showing in the wear of it. I love seeing the knots and the marks from years of use.

20140526-090635.jpg Then a simple place setting of mismatched glasses, silverware and a plate for a casual meal set amongst the lilacs.

20140526-090806.jpg Tomorrow, I will show the same flowers but with a tablecloth and set for dinner with guests. It looks completely changed. Interesting what a tablecloth can do to create a different look altogether.