August 11, 2014

20140811-064600.jpg Home to me is as much a state of mind as it is a place–to feel comfortable and enveloped in your environment. As we turned to get onto the Taconic Parkway last night, you could feel the excitement that the Ghent exit was rapidly approaching and we would soon be home. As we pulled into the driveway I just started to feel a calm. This place has managed to find such a piece of our heart. The large hydrangea bush to the left of the front door greeted us with bloom after bloom as if to be offering us welcome home gifts. In reality, it is the one area the deer can’t reach, as they have managed to dine on all the other hydrangea circling the house. Oh well, we will savor each and every bloom that has survived while we are here. I raced to get a scissors to start clipping and setting blooms about. Home should make you happy. Nourish your soul. Revitalize and recharge your batteries. My wish for all of us is that your home be your haven. Your oasis in this bustling world–whether it is rented or owned, a room or a castle. It is yours for the time being. Your home.