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A Little Ralph Waldo Emerson Sunday Thought




Small Business Saturday

20141129-065946.jpg Small businesses add interest/color/uniqueness/insert whatever fabulous word you think best, to our communities. They just do. Think of standing inside a small bookstore and each of those books surrounding you were hand-selected by the owner with tremendous thought, love & care. Think of that amazingly tasty chicken salad sandwich you just devoured that was lovingly made for you by the owner of the deli on the corner. I know I am preaching to the choir because I know so many of you frequent small businesses. But I really do feel they are the backbone to our communities, as I am sure so many of you feel too. This is a practice to be put into place throughout the year, but today is a special day to embrace the concept and bring it to the forefront. “Shopping Small” is the thought for the day. As you start or continue your Holiday shopping, stop in and see/shop the small businesses in your city, town, neighborhood. You will be happy you did.

From all of us at Watson Kennedy, we thank you for supporting our small business today as well as throughout the year. Our customers rock!

A happy Saturday to you in your part of the world.



Hawthorne in the First Big Snow of the Season

20141128-044248.jpg The first big snow of the season had trusty caretaker Bill clicking away images at Hawthorne for us. Thought I would share them with you. I know many of us don’t live in parts of the world that gets regular snowfall, and certainly not copious amounts of it, so fun to vicariously be in the snow–if only in pictures.

20141128-044731.jpg Although the report is for possible snow in Seattle tomorrow, so I could certainly be posting a few of those images later too, if that ends up being the case. But for now the snow East in the Hudson Valley will have to do. We head back in January after the busy Holiday shopping season. Sitting in the front sun porch while it is snowing is like being inside of a snow globe.




Thankful on Thanksgiving

20141127-091401.jpg Let’s make that EXTRA thankful today. I think it is vital to a happy life to be thankful each and every day. We in the States get a full day to celebrate our thanks with one another. I adore this day–family, food, festivities, fun. Let me give thanks for so many things on so many levels. Thank you from the bottom right up to the top of my heart for following along on the daily blog. Rarely does a day go by that someone does not mention to me something they read on a post, the results of a recipe they tried, or the flowers they have dotting their dining table. I am so grateful and so thankful to you all. I hope you are having an extra special day in your part of the world.




Wine With Food

20141126-031701.jpg We just unpacked Wine With Food: Pairing Notes and Recipes from The New York Times and it was hard for me to put it down yesterday. This Wine Wednesday post leans toward a book with recipes and wine pairings over a certain type of wine. Thought it would be fun to mix it up a bit.

From the Rizzoli description of the book. “100 wines paired with more than 100 dishes, from two of the most respected experts in the business. Pairing wine and food can bring out the best qualities in each. But how do you hit upon the right combination? And is there just one? Do you fall back on the old rules or decide by cuisine or season? The choices can be perplexing, and fashions are constantly changing. Eric Asimov and Florence Fabricant have spent much of their careers enjoying this most delicious dilemma and now give readers the tools they need to play the game of wine and food to their own tastes.”

Pairing wine with food and pairing food with wine brings out the best of both. This book highlights the concept in an approachable way, for both the novice and much more advanced.

Happy Wednesday all! Hope your Thanksgiving plans are shaping up and that you make it to your final destination safe & sound–whether that be by plane or just the journey to your own dining table.



Watson Kennedy 100% Beeswax Hand Rolled Candles

20141125-084217.jpg We received in a fresh batch of our hand rolled beeswax tapers last week. These have been made for us since we first opened the Market shop. A staple, if you will. I love them throughout the year, but the Holiday months and taper candles go hand and hand in my mind. The flicker, dance and glow of the flame adding to the festiveness of the season. The honeycomb design giving an earthiness to any taper they grace.



Ted’s Tip No. 20

20141124-080920.jpg The tip this week is about the tradition of the repetition of giving the same gift each year or occasion. Say that sentence fast three times. Let me give an example. My friend Heather gives me a big bundle of orange tulips on my birthday each year. It is a tradition she started many years ago. I can’t begin to tell you the happiness I feel when I receive those tulips. My thought with this is it can translate to other gifts too. When you go to a certain friend’s home for dinner, always bring cocktail napkins or a jar of jam. You will start a collection for your friend, and they will think of you each time they use the napkins or spread jam on their morning toast. It will become a tradition in your friendship. I just always know on my birthday eve I will be looking at a magnificent assortment of orange tulips dotted about our home.



Thoughts AND Quotes This Sunday

20141123-043908.jpg Orange parrot tulips and Veuve. I thought I would share with you an image of a combination of some of my very favorite things on this morning of November 23rd. I am up quite early reflecting on this last year, looking through the photos I have taken, and thinking about time and aging. Aging is such a funny word. Yes, it is my birthday, so it is on my mind more than most days. My friend Barbara, who wrote the foreword for my book, said to me recently she hopes I have time during this busy season to reflect on my last year. So that is what I am doing at this fine early hour. The thing I keep coming back to is what an incredible privilege it is to age. You can do it kicking and screaming, or you can embrace it with grace. I still can hear my dad say to me, “But what is the alternative?” and it just makes me smile and think of him. I also found a few quotes among many about the topic that were interesting thoughts on the subject.

‘Age’ is the acceptance of a term of years. But maturity is the glory of years.
— Martha Graham

“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.”
–Sophia Loren

You don’t stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing.
— Michael Pritchard

Bottom line, I love that I just turned 51. To some that is young, to some that is old. I just say we love and embrace whatever age we get to be. Cheers to maturity, creativity, and laughter!

Thanks for following along with me. I am honored each and every day.
From Seattle, soon to be headed to WestWard.
Much, much love,



Kinfolk, Anthology & Gather

20141122-060503.jpg New issues of Kinfolk, Anthology & Gather arrived recently with big stacks at each shop. All 3 magazines offer differing points of view on a life well-lived. Art, design, cooking, entertaining, flowers–all are the creative focus for the differing publications.

20141122-060953.jpg We also stock back issues so a little collection can be put together as well. These magazines are filled tons of ideas, all beautifully shot in each of their unique style. I think of them more like small design books really. Since we are in serious “gift” mode for the next month, these make stylish sweet gifts too.

20141122-061530.jpg Just a reminder as I would love to see you if you are near the Pike Place Market today. Our Holiday Open House starts at 10 this morning and runs through the day until 6 in the eve at our shop in the courtyard of the Inn at the Market, at 86 Pine Street. We will be wrap, wrap, wrapping away. Libations will be served.

A happy Saturday to you in your part of the world.



Holiday Open House & WK 16th Anniversary Weekend

20141121-032758.jpg Big weekend ahead. Our second Holiday Open House will be tomorrow, Saturday from 10 to 6, at the Pike Place Market shop. Mimosas & sparkling apple cider will be served. The space is bursting at the seams with gifts galore. I have found so many fun new things these past few months. It is also the 16th anniversary of the Fine Living shop at 86 Pine Street. The first 16 people to mention to me personally on Saturday that they saw this post or reference to it on our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter feeds gets a special WK gift… It will be a festive, jolly good time–I so hope you can join us! XX, Ted