Lunch is Served

February 5, 2015

20150205-074653.jpg I am back up from the city and enjoying all the snow & cold for a few days of relaxation and a bit of entertaining. Two of my very favorite things. Yesterday we hosted a lunch for my friend, the designer Emily Butler, and the artist Patricia van Essche, someone whose work I have long admired. It was fun to sit and chat and enjoy a meal together. Bailey, of course, curled up on her pillow, right between TPS and myself. Her normal spot when we have guests.


20150205-075210.jpg We sat on the back porch with the fire blazing when they first arrived, getting to know Patricia a bit. Mister Sive had not met Emily before, so it was just nice to get everyone acquainted. I scooted away and put together lunch. Often times I show the table but not the meal. I find it hard to take photos once guests arrive. Lunch was an herbed chèvre and smoked salmon frittata served with a salad along side baguette. The salad was something new that we had not tried. Shaved raw Brussels sprouts, radicchio and kale with shavings of Parmesan dressed with a simple lemon vinaigrette. We chatted the lunch away. We are hoping to carry some of Patricia’s work at Watson Kennedy. I will keep you updated on that. Then we headed to snowy Warren Street in Hudson for an afternoon of antique shopping. We met one of Emily’s artisans she works with who makes beautiful lamps at his studio. Always so fun to get to meet new people.